David Lopez Tichy

Who I Am

I'm a music composer, producer, and bassist specializing in contemporary music for advertising, motion pictures, and interactive media.

I've released two albums, scored over a dozen short films, and have experience composing adaptive music for games and other interactive media.

My Sound

I feel right at home writing music for orchestra, rock groups, or producing electronic music, and can produce sound-alikes in almost any genre.

My scores usually combine orchestral sounds, electronic textures, ethnic elements, and traditional pop &rock instruments – but is always tailored specifically to the vibe of each project and the director/developer's vision.

Film Scoring Cues

Production Music

Get In Touch

Call me at (562) 502-7827 (9-6pm PST) to discuss the music for your next film or game project.

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Frequent Questions

How do you say "Tichy"?
Just like fishy or squishy. Isn't that great fun to say?
Can you write me an [insert genre here] cue?
Sure. Just ask.