David Lopez Tichy

Who I Am

I'm a music composer and producer specializing in contemporary music for motion pictures and interactive media.

I've released two albums, scored over a dozen short films and a number of corporate and commercial pieces, and have experience composing adaptive music for games and other interactive media.

My Sound

My scores usually combine orchestral sounds, electronic textures, ethnic elements, and traditional rock instruments – but is always tailored specifically to the vibe of each project and the director/developer's vision.


Short FilmsAn Act Of Revenge
The Lure
The Third Wheel
Same Time Next Week
The Method
Feng Shui
Working Out
Below The Belt
Corporate & CommercialsEMS: One Life At A Time
VC Filmfest Trailer
Musical TheaterCarnivale

Hire Me

Call me at (562) 502-7827 (9-6pm PST) or send me an email at to discuss the music for your next film or game project.

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How Do You Say "Tichy"?

Just like fishy or squishy. Isn't that fun?